The world needs free access for underserved people to learn new skills.


Learn skills billion strong foundation

Our vision is to ENERGIZE and EMPOWER you to reach your potential.

Our MISSION exists to organize and equip one billion underserved young people with free access to the digital, business, and social skills required to be successful in today's technology-driven global economy.
We developed the 3PLUSX model from 10 years of international development experience at The World Bank Group, building global youth and women entrepreneurship programs.

We found that DIGITAL, SOCIAL, and BUSINESS skills are needed to start a business or be an ideal candidate for job opportunities!


What is 3PLUSX?

Digital Skills


DIGITAL means you know how to navigate the digital world and can code in your industry of choice. 

Social Skills


SOCIAL means knowing how to interact with people face to face and online and especially in a business environment regardless of your background. 

Business Skills


BUSINESS means knowing how to take an idea and make it real and if you don’t want to own your business, you will have the skills to be a better employee.

X stands for partners, schools, governments, organizations, and investors.

X is you.