To achieve economic independence, we believe there are a billion energetic, determined individuals that, if given a chance, will eagerly acquire the digital, social, and business skills necessary to succeed in today's ever-changing global environment.

We want to inspire and uplift young individuals, across the globe, to build future products and services while creating new jobs and new businesses that serve their communities and society. We believe that our framework supports the transformation required for individuals to develop the entrepreneurial spirit required to exist in a technology-driven world. 

We are Advisers, Advocates, Economists, Educators, Ethical Hackers, and Technologists.


3 + X

X stands for partners, schools, governments, organizations, and investors.

X is you.

Female Developers

Digital Skills


We are dedicated to developing core abilities necessary to maneuver the digital world.


Key skills:

coding, programming, STEM, cyber security, data analysis and visualization, user applications, and cloud software.

Volunteer Opportunities

Social Skills


We are committed to teaching appropriate social engagement skills and improving emotional intelligence.


Key skills:

emotional intelligence, self-awareness, mental health, empathy, social media, art and music, and fitness.

Artist in Workshop

Business Skills


We are focused on promoting opportunities for young business people to create a product or service and bring it to the market.

Key skills:

accounting, marketing, business fundamentals, design thinking, agile, and project management.


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