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What is 3 Plus X?

All around the world, individuals want to know how to adapt and learn new skills. Many times, they do not know where to begin. 

Enter the  Billion Strong Foundation!

We have a mission to help the next billion people invent and create future jobs and industries.

Building tomorrow, today begins with learning the 3 Plus X model made of 
Digital, Social, and Business Skills!

  •  Digital means you know how to navigate the digital world and can code in your industry. 

  • Social means knowing how to interact with people face to face and online and especially in a business environment regardless of your background. 

  • Business means you know how to take an idea and make it real, and if you don’t want to own your business, you will have the skills to be a better employee. 


We are dedicated to developing core abilities necessary to maneuver the digital world.


Key skills:

coding, programming, STEM, cyber security, data analysis and visualization, user applications, and cloud software.



We are committed to teaching appropriate social engagement skills and improving emotional intelligence.


Key skills:

emotional intelligence, self-awareness, mental health, empathy, social media, art and music, and fitness.

We are focused on promoting opportunities for young business people to create a product or service and bring it to the market.

Key skills:

accounting, marketing, business fundamentals, design thinking, agile, and project management.

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